The conversation was cute

The conversation was cute, today in the practice:

- How often do you pause from your work, I mean, from your desk, your computer?
- Hmmm, I like to work through so that I can go home earlier.
- What do you mean? You work through? How long do you work?
- 6-9hours. It’s different day by day.
- You know those hair ties, the one girls use?
- Yes. Sure.
- What do you think? One you stretch it and release it, then spread it again. Another one you pull
   and leave it for a few hours. Which one can you probably use it longer?
- Hmmm, probably the first one.

He laughed. We both laughed. I guess he figured it out, how simple! 

The certain intensity and long duration in our muscle-tendon structure is possibly the main reason which causes neck pain, shoulder sore, and even headache. Which was the reason he came for therapy.