As I was walking this morning, I had the sun on my face and felt like another person. In the last 2days, I slept almost 30hours. There were inner conflicts: that work must be finished; that phone call must be done. In the end, the headache asked me to drop everything, and I hid under the blanket like an insect. But now I am new! And I have the energy to catch up on all the work I have to do. After all, the world goes just fine without me :)

By the time pass by, I learned that word, "allow." I allow myself to drink a bottle of cola if I really want to. I allow myself to dance until early morning when I feel the energy and flow. I allow myself to drop the work and go to nature when the blue sky is calling. We can not always be "correct." I know that I am not disciplined enough to do the things I should do to be successful in the social context. I live in a way like a bird as I am so far still blessed enough to allow myself to be so.

In practice, I have faced some cases with "depression." Depression, of course, needs medical help when it is severe. But the impression I have is that we overused this concept. Then people tend to put themselves into that box whenever they feel "down." As a practitioner in Chinese medicine, I looked at the world and life itself in Yin and Yang. It's relative and steadily transforming. When we jump, we need knee down first, be ready to jump high. When we shoot the arrow, we need to make the bow full, bring the arrow backward to shoot further just as we need rest to act adequately.

Allow. Allow ourselves to follow the signal the body sent to us, rest, taking a pause, 10 mins, or, if it's necessary, 10 days, 10 months, so we would be able to enjoy another new phase of our lives.
Back to nature, it always helps. Nature carries us and supports us if we allow it.